Kuota, brighten up your passion. Brighten your way.

The line of bikes KUOTA evolves and innovates constantly, putting on the market a new series of products, always richer in applied technology, into the bicycle world. Also, it adds aesthetic innovations in addition to new aerodynamic concepts.

The application of these principles allowed KUOTA to manufacture even more performant and lightweight bikes. By using ultimate generation components, created by our specialists in Research & Development, it allowed to produce even more powerful bikes combining functionality and style. From the KUOTA headquarter in Villasanta di Monza, all stages of design and creation are scrupulously followed to make the trademark shield a typical Italian product.

For this 2016 collection, all KUOTA top-of-the-range frames, innovate by their particular concept that elevates the brand to a still uneven quality standard. The main technical points can summarize into this:

  • Routing of cables internal;
  • Oversized headset;
  • Camouflaged seatpost collar;
  • BB386 Crankset;
  • Fabrication of the front triangle monocoque structure and fork
  • Progressive dimension of tubes & variable carbon fiber lamination